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Mobile Photo Zones

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We will help you choose and install any desired photo zone that matches your needs.

Photo Zone

Whats included

Our company provides everything necessary with photo zones. All instructions and equipment are included for your convenience.

  1. Frame and banner
  2. Lighting
  3. Manual

Different photo zones for various purposes

Standard photo zone will provide your event with a spectacular and professionally crafted background.

Any event, be it a personal or corporate one, can benefit from renting our photo zones. Standard variant is the most popular as it perfectly fits business conferences, photo sessions, and a vast range of other events.

Single photo zone rental is a great solution for small corporate events and presentations.

This type of photo zone can provide great background with stunning design, reliable structure, and proper lighting. Our products are great for capturing the best moments of birthdays and corporate meetings and other events.

If you dont have much place for big photo zones at your event, then our compact variant is what you need!

It provides everything necessary for any photo zone or press-wall but in a much more compact setting. Your visitors will appreciate such solution and it wont cost you a lot to rent and install it at your venue.

Type Sale price Rental Print
Compact $300 $100 $80
Single $400 $200 $90
Standard $500 $300 $100

We will answer all your questions

  • We are always ready to design even the most complex photo zones for your event.
  • If you need to rent a specific photo zone, feel free to contact our managers.
  • Our photo zones are available throughout the US in a wide variety of colors and prices.

Why people Choose our photo zones

Our photo zones are valued for their quality, colorful design, quick installation, and affordable prices.

With our products, you can create amazing backgrounds developed by industry professionals. Our press-walls, photo zones, and stands work just the way they should.


All our products are compact and highly portable.


Our solutions are made to be used numerous times.

Easy to Install

You can easily install our photo zones in a few minutes.


Our products come in a variety of bright colors and designs.

Our products

How to order a photo zone

  • Choose shape and size of the photo zone
  • Approve the design
  • Make a prepayment
  • Get you photo zone within 3 days


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